Joey Atlas Scam

Real beauties
To make a short film portrait of the real beauties invited professional forensic artist trained FBI Bile Samovar and let him create two portraits of women behind the scenes Joey Atlas Scam

The first drawing was described by models themselves and the other according to the instructions of their surroundings. The result was surprising:

The second drawing more natural and she was much nicer. Clearly, it was confirmed that women themselves are the biggest critic and often never see its beauty.


kyle leon scam
We are afraid of their own image
Fear of catching portrait in the mirror as the United States every year thousands of women in counseling and hundreds more to their homes permanently removing the mirror.

Is this the solution? “No,” says psychologist Vivian Duller of New York,” can not change it, learn to live.”Joey Atlas Review

And with imperfections that can be corrected, do something, we deliver.
When measuring meters sixty, you can hardly dream of walking on the pier at almost two-meter models. In this case, focus their ambitions in another direction; there is plenty of attractive profession.

If you are overweight, lace up sneakers and get on with it. Each kilo dropped strengthens your health and boost your confidence. If only it increases your quality of life.
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