What Involves The Health

In sum total, according to the survey American insurance is up to one billion crowns, which each year leave the path to breeders of dogs in veterinary clinics.

If today is but one dog owner can have costs related to the health or life insurance through your favorite health and life insurance for dogs at two domestic insurance companies.

What such a policy involves the health of the Insurer?
Specialized insurance for dogs is mainly related to health costs and deaths of animals, and includes the insurance for third party damage, which causes the pet.

It is possible to insure all dogs, regardless of race, purebred and achieved victories in competitions.

Insurance may be as kennel and international champion and both for the same price. It just depends on the age of the animal.

Can be insured only dog in the age range that provide insurance.
The basic premise that a dog in this or that insures insurance is especially clear identification.

According to Renate of American business insurance is therefore necessary that the dog was registered with the competent authority of state or local authority.

The dog must be registered mark or be chipped or tattooed marked so as not to be confused with other dogs of the same owner.

“It must be absolutely clear on which specific dog policy is negotiated,” says of American insurance company.
Fuse is concluded with the annual insurance benefit, which is determined by the client.


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