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Here are some basic guidelines for the trip, if you have problems of the musculoskeletal system, varicose veins, and if you have heart disease, and pulmonary blood vessels, the blood also include recommendations for older women, and tips and expert advice skin health tourists pregnant Article Source By Joey Atlas Scam Author Of Joey Atlas (

Good luck and most of all happy to be back!
Note that in areas where there is high temperature – contact a cardiologist
During the summer holidays are often associated with traveling to and staying in places with a high fever.

Patients with chronic cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including hypertension, which is always in a stable condition, nothing prevents that made the trip, but the growing tension in the body, not only in healthy people, but especially in patients.

This is due to the regime change: tourism may receive stress, improve sports activities, changes in eating habits, paradoxically, Joey Atlas PDF with the rest of the holiday, less capable, and sometimes lack of sleep or poor quality.

For patients with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, people should follow certain guidelines.
On hot days, the growing demand for potable water (twice daily dosage), particularly if the growth and physical activity,

Loss of fluid from the heat, but does not increase under a load, sweat and physically.
The risk is much higher in patients receiving diuretics (cardiac insufficiency, chronic high blood pressure).


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