Grow Taller 4 Idiots – I Feel 10 Years Younger


Beer belly is a distant memory for the 47-year-old Roger. Today is the right amount of food and training required. I feel 10 years younger after my weight loss.
Although Roger realized 2 years ago that he should lose weight, it was the high bloget-a-guide-for-height-grow-taller-4-idiots-pdfod glucose levels that were decisive for Rogers’s decision to change his lifestyle. In January 2012, he weighed 88 kg on his 169 centimeters, which is a BMI close to obesity.

The start of a new lifestyle:
After having tried other weight loss methods such as diet powder, Roger decided to try Weight Club. The method was the start of Roger’s new lifestyle Grow Taller 4 Idiots
-Weight Club has given me a much better basis for my views on what I can and can not eat. The combination with the recommended intake of calories and suggestions for menus

The right amount of food:
The diet did not change drastically when Roger got his calorie plan of Weight Club. The major change was the amount of food.
-Because you get to eat it all as a member of Weight Club, it was not a conversion with the food, but I eat smaller portions and more salad today.

10 Years Younger:
The big change for Roger was training. From that barely hurricane jogging is the run today a large part of Rogers everyday. There will also be a lot of football, power walk, gym and hockey.
It’s much more fun to go out on the football field and cope with running 90 minutes than to barely hurricane in 5 minutes.Grow Taller 4 Idiots I can say that I feel at least 10 years younger in terms of what I can.
“I have never been in better shape”
Today, 11 months after Roger joined the Weight Club, he weighs 73 kg. A total of 15 kg is gone and Roger are in top form.
I’ve never been in better shape than I am today. The key was to never give up despite setbacks both weight, and others. The change must simply start with yourself.
Rogers 5 wt tricks:
– Walk a lot and build up your workout over time, it has taken me three years to come up to the exercise dose I have today.
– Set targets that are reasonable and reward accordingly. It could be something small like a beer with your meal or a new floor ball stick.
– Refrain alcohol for a period, it boosts weight loss and you have the energy to exercise more.
– Weigh food in the beginning so you will know how much you are eating.
– Try to find someone you can work together with your weight loss. I have had the help of both partners and children but also community on weight club.


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