Joey Atlas Scam – Wellness – A Healthy Mind In A Stress-Free Body

After fitness, a new and more pleasure-oriented wave of feel-good industry. What matters now is holistic body and soul experiences in a replay of the ancient ideal of “a sound mind in a sound body.” Wellness is the word for the day.


In junketer ransacks time it may be comforting to the positive forecasts. An expansive sector is feeling good sector, which was evident during the exhibition “All for Health” in Airfield in February. In the American economist and bestselling author Paul Zane Pilfers book The Wellness Revolution: How to Make a Fortune in the Next Trillion Dollar Industry (John Wiley & Sons, 260 s) depicted a market with golden prospects. Equally optimistic is the German market researchers Horn-Oona Stratosphere and Mattias Horx , which made ​​a more Europe-centered prophecy in scripture Was its Wellness? (das Institutionalize, 64 s) Joey Atlas Scam

In fact, wellness boom already started. In Germany, sales of this market segment is about 65 billion, a sum that seems to grow by 5-6 percent per year. In the U.S. wellness industry about $ 200 billion. It is difficult to find the corresponding statistics for Sweden, but an indication of the interest in the health fair, which took place for the fourth time this year.From last year the number of exhibitors increased from 126 to 157, the number of visitors from 18,462 to 22,283.

What is wellness? Literally, the term “a satisfactory physical ability and mental well-being,” according to a definition by Yvonne Lin author of a Swedish book titled “Wellness” (2001). Wellness can also be understood as the desire to live healthy in an enjoyable way. Starting in the 1950s, the word wellness in use in the preventive health movement in the United States (Halbert Dunn, John Travis and others) and was seen over time as a means to pressure the health costs caused by unhealthy lifestyles. That it is called wellness and not well-being, which is the traditional English word for “well-being”, probably because they wanted to allude to the word fitness.

Fitness, a term that has long been used in English or German, refers to all forms of physical exercise, like gym or aerobics. Sometimes regarded fitness as part of the wellness concept, sometimes not. It is well-pleasure moment in the concept of wellness that does not go so well with the marathon pants or sweat dripping aerobics clothing. And while fitness just about the body’s condition, including wellness as well as physical and mental well-being in a broad sense.

Getting there may be different and the range is now diverse and fashion emphasized. These include exercise, thought out diet (functional food, slow food, soul food), herbal and plant cosmetics, Eastern relaxation techniques with religious or philosophical ground, avstressningsmusik, natural medical home remedies, aromatherapy, color therapy and a variety of other alternative therapies. The element of English and oriental terms is significant. This way seems to products and treatments seem more appealing to a fashion-conscious clientele. Some of the concepts are difficult way over league, they include program concepts that are lost in a direct translation into Swedish. As the prefix matched term wellness in Swedish closest of the “feel-good”.

Wellness, covering both physical and mental improvement, though the emphasis is on the physical. Wellness is an anti-stress movement, a – partly romantic – reaction to today’s complex and technology-dominated society. It is the ancient ideal of “a sound mind in a sound body” going again. Psychotropic drugs are anathema to wellness thinking. Instead, the diet responsible for the spiritual harmony, speaking characteristically enough about soul food, which is rich in Aristophanes, a substance considered to promote feelings of happiness.

Joey Atlas Scam:Body and mind seen as a unit. But while the 70 – and 80s tended to emphasizeJoey Atlas14 the psyche impact on the body’s functions, it is now the opposite. Therefore considered psychotherapists be obsolete, they are replaced by mental coach and “life coaches.” The view of man’s spiritual health is robust in feel-good philosophy, not so profound. An extreme example: a Swedish entrepreneur marketing a so-called life “s driver” s license, which is said to combat stress and lead to positive thinking. Honk and run – cost 2,350 kronor.
Meanwhile, the man released the one-body fixation. “After fitness for wellness,” read one
newspaper headline apropos Health Expo Fairs. Wellness is then seen as a new alternative to the fitness wave strenuous physical exercise and often fierce tempo. If people feel stressed at work, they are not always inclined to continue the stress force in their free time through workouts or aerobics. They are looking for a soothing counterbalance. Rather than train for Stockholm Marathon takes maybe into Suddenness Japanese Surabaya, bathing, meditating and eating sushi. The financial pinch educational associations have for it-wave found a new market with the theme “body and soul”, such as qi gong, power yoga, relaxation massage and the like. What matters now is holistic body and soul experiences.


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