Joey Atlas Scam – the anti-cellulite procedure

During the anti-cellulite procedure, a strong warming effect in increasing the circulation several times involved in areas of the body are accelerated metabolism in skin cells, well derived excess liquid from the body, whereby the weight and volume of the body becomes smaller, the skin surface becomes more flat and smooth.

Joey Atlas Scam There is a kind of splitting fat accumulation in the areas affected by cellulite. But not all are able to withstand the wrap with mustard, as it produces a very strong burning effect. And sometimes the experiments end in no small burn skin.

Yes, and contraindications for wrapping a lot of mustard – that varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, high blood pressure, also the presence of any tumors, pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Usually, to soften the burning sensation and avoid unwanted burns to mustard (in the wrappings used only dry mustard powder, usually diluted with water, but in any case not ready to paste, sold in stores) added other natural ingredients – honey, sour cream, vegetable oil clay, coffee, flour, sugar and others.


Wraps with Mustard – Joey Atlas Reviews The preparation phase and the principle of wrapping the following: Body is pre-cleared under the shower, with better performing home peel (not more than 1 time per week). Next is preparing the composition itself, which is applied to the body, and on top of a simple fixed cling film.


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