Joey Atlas Scam – how ironically called cellulite “orange peel”

Joey Atlas  In the position on all fours retighten the knee to the forehead, and then straighten the leg. Do everything is smooth and slow. 10 times each leg, repeat this exercise. Be sure to include in the program of aerobics, swimming, jogging or brisk walking.
Hydrotherapy – Take a contrast shower – this will help not only the blood circulation, but also tighten your skin and lead her to tone. It can also be used in the shower for a rough washcloth before rubbing contrast procedure.

In any shower gel can add 20 drops of grapefruit oil. This will help to quickly dissolve accumulations of fat – how ironically called cellulite “orange peel”, but to deal with it is to help citrus. After all the procedures in the shower with a towel rub yourself well!
Massage – Of course, you can sound like a massage to the professionals that will make you and wrap, evaporation and honey massage, but this is not necessary. You can make self-massage problem areas.

Get a massage oil (based on the “citrus”), or anti-cellulite cream.  Joey Atlas Scam Pay attention to the cream. It should consist of extracts of linden trees, roses or seaweed. Do not forget that massage should be done 2 times a day for 15 days. Then you can go on a one-time use per day. Remember that one cream will not help you! It works very well in the complex.


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