Prolonged and uncontrolled calorie reduction

Prolonged and uncontrolled calorie reduction does not allow the body to recover spent energy, and it is needed, even when the person is at rest. Prolonged fasting metabolism is broken, decay begins to intensify gaps, the blood starts to be enriched with fat, etc. This starvation comes with great stress for the body secret tips revealed here
Dietary allergy – Sometimes, instead of good food starts to harm. Some foods contain substances that increased sensitivity to which causes an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction occurs when antibodies accumulate in the body in response to the antigens in the body (those substances to which the organism is sensitive).
Longevity – People have always wanted to have a long life. Even in ancient times, people have tried to unravel the secret of longevity. Unfortunately, aging is inevitable; there is no ground for any living organism that would have avoided this fate. Nature does not accidentally give all living things of immortality, the organisms pass the baton to future generations should not interfere, and these descendants live. Some scholars hold a different point of view; they believe that aging is a natural imperfection and error secret tips revealed here

Two points of view that nature has made a mistake, not giving us eternal life and all is as it should be, fighting ever since find out for yourself what the point of view to take, will blow remember that nature is very economical, and she did her best to save the species of living beings, but to cancel old age for that it was not required.


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