A lover of shoes with heels

Well first of all it should be noted that the respective foot care needs, regardless of their preferred footwear – you walk on high heels or prefer flat shoes in time to do a pedicure and relax periodically feet in tubs of salt is necessary, as well as apply various creams legs, including therapeutic if there is any problem (for example, a remedy for varicose veins find more tips here
A lover of shoes with heels, you can also do a simple exercise-massage for tired feet and legs: coming to work or home in the evening to take off her shoes, stand on a flat surface and a couple of times (or better yet just 15-20) sit up on your toes and even the opposite – to stand on the heel, and lift the front of the foot. Here is just doing these exercises to slow.
It is also necessary to pay special attention to wear a pants or jeans, which in any case should not be too narrow and tight-fitting and over-tighten or constrict blood vessels, as this will aggravate health problems and not just the feet find more tips here
Well, you can still pick up stockings, which will be preventive or therapeutic agent, and can help prevent or get rid of foot problems – there pantyhose, stockings massage, as well as tights impregnated with special treatment. In the Renaissance, people were very eager to its elevation, is the desire to seem above all reflected in the shoes of the time.


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