What is the prevention of defects posture?

Imbalance in the neck – the neck area is against each other massive neck muscles shorten and flabby deep neck flexors.

What are the causes of poor posture? Type posture is influenced by many factors. We expect their genetic factors, mental and physical condition, and physical fitness. Here, however, rule that the more the muscles are trained, the better posture! get answers here

On the contrary, in some sports, where training is too intense and one-sided, there is an incorrect movement habits. Uncompensated exercise further contributes to poor posture, and even leads to injury.

Therefore, it is important to remember prevention and sports training or after care for regeneration and relaxation.

What is the prevention of defects posture?
Prevention consists in physical education, which should be applied since infancy. The best example is regular exercise and sports the whole family, or at least one family member with a child. Once a child starts school, you should wear school bags on their backs rather than in one hand. If the child is weak, it should have two textbooks. School bag should be properly shaped and fixed get answers here

Select the correct height of the furniture – Proper seating and choice of chair is an important prerequisite for practicing proper movement stereotypes in children.

What is important is height seating. Must comply about the length of the leg from the knee down between the seat and desk must be enough space for free movement.


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