Joey Atlas Scam – Diabetes is common among patients

Diabetes is common among patients
According to some studies, diabetes is common among patients-one in five-are also twice as likely to develop the disease as the rest of the population. According to experts, the style of life of patients is a factor to consider, since it is not generally characterized by proper diet and by exercising regularly Visit:

In addition, we must also take into account the treatment to be followed by the mentally ill, often carry side effects associated negligible. Thus, neurotics (psychotics) may favor the development of diabetes or aggravate its symptoms. Therefore, the meeting of psychiatrists and primary care physicians has concluded that it is necessary to better monitor the physical aspect of the mentally harsh.

Gender biases
Mental illnesses are attributed with a significant burden of disease and disability. This disability affects most to those who suffer three or more than three associated disorders, and women are the most affected population group. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that depressive disorders account for 41.9% of disability cases of psychiatric disorders among women, while in men cause 29.3% Visit:

The main mental health problems in the elderly are depression, dementia and organic brain syndromes, at the same time, affecting mostly women.
Similarly, according to the WHO report, 80% of the 50 million people affected by conflict, disaster and displacement are women and children.

The cases in which violence against women is prevalent throughout life ranging between 16% and 50%, and at least one in five suffer rape or attempted rape during their lifetime.

If all these factors add poverty, starvation or overwork, among others, it is not difficult to understand the reason for the poor state of women’s mental health.


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